:: Weaving     
We have weaving facilities include Power, Auto, Sulzer and Air Jet Looms with production capacity of 200,000 METERS FABRIC/ 24 HOURS. We produce 100% cotton, Polycotton, denier, polyester, satin, flannel and jacquard fabric in our weaving facilities.

:: Design     
We have design team comprise of innovative and motivated individuals equipped with latest technology to serve you at their best.

:: Printing     
We have latest "RIGGIANI, ZIMMER and STORK rotary and BUZZER panel printing machines" with a printing range of 9, 12 and 16 colors with a working width of 130-inches (330 cm).

We have major printing facilities include bleaching, continuous and jigger dyeing, penal and rotary printing machines. We have one 12 color 72" STORK rotary, one 9 color 126" ZIMMER rotary, One 16 color 130" RIGGIANI rotary and one 7 color 72" BUZZER flat bed penal printing machine with a repeat size of 78-168 inches (200-425cm).

:: Processing & Treatment     
We have finishing system include 5 stenters and 4 calendar machines along with a comprehensive stitching unit that comprises of 139 JUKI machines.

:: Quality Control     
We have High tech laboratories make sure that we meet all the international quality standards. For details.

RIAZ TEXTILE MILLS stands among the most modern leading textile groups of Pakistan, specialized in manufacturing household linen and poly cotton, sateen in grey and processed, printed not only normal way of dyeing and printing but in Penal Print and Reactive, Vat dyed processed also of exporting through out the world with proud, trust and commitment to excellence.
Our company is ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 CERTIFIED and has world wide reputation for manufacturing high quality products that confirm to international quality standards.

All quality standards are common for us to satisfy our clients. If you require special standards, we can fulfill your requirements accordingly.

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